Resume of James E. Sutherland – 360-573-5743

SUMMARY:    An IT professional with wide ranging experience at both small and large companies. Previous success as an entrepreneur, Department Level Manager, Network Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer and Datacenter Design Engineer. Currently working as a Staff Systems Engineer at EarthLink. Looking for a new position that will fuel my passion for learning new things. I am well organized, well liked and a dedicated self-starter.


  • 2013 – Present   EarthLink - IT Infrastructure Engineering team
    • Staff Systems Engineer
      • Designed and deployed public cloud offering on Cisco UCS, VMWare and Netapp
      • Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013 deployments
      • Oracle DB Consolidation onto modern Solaris SPARC Hardware
  • 2010 – 2013          EarthLink – IT Infrastructure Engineering Team
    • Senior Systems Engineer
      • Deployment of Active Directory 2010 to over 4000 desktops and servers
      • Evaluation and modernization of SPARC infrastructure (Solaris 11 and ZFS, virtualization of over 1000 SPARC servers)
      • Oracle OSM design and deployment
  • 2007 – 2010          New Edge Networks
    • Staff Engineer
      • New datacenter Generator, UPS and HVAC instal

      • Modernization of SPARC file systems to ZFS

      • Virtualization of SPARC environments onto Solaris LDOM

      • Virtualization of X86 environments onto VMWare

  • 2006 – 2007          New Edge Networks
    • Manager Systems Engineering
      • Responsible for 4 person team of engineers
      • Daily, storage, compute, LAN installs and maintenance of 250 servers
      • Routine coordination of software deployment and testing with QA and Development teams
  • 2001 – 2006          New Edge Networks
    • Senior Systems Engineer
      • Modernization of storage environment with Netapp
      • Modernization of datacenter and desktop LAN with new cisco hardware
      • Close work with Java development groups to design and deploy home grown applications onto Solaris SPARC environments
      • Modernization of Oracle DB environments onto Oracle VCS cluster
      • Maintenance and growth of 20,000 customer e-mail environment
  • 2000 – 2001          Intel – Network Quality Lab
    • Super-Contractor
      • Testing of new Intel NIC hardware and drivers across all operating systems on enterprise class X86 hardware
  • 2000                       Gaia, Inc.
    • Senior IT Engineer
      • Worked to bring to market palm-top POS software and hardware to high end retail business
  • 1999                        Intel – Broadband Operations, DSL Group
    • Test Engineer Contractor
      • Testing of new DSL CPE
      • Building new ATM test networks
  • 1996 - 1999            Pacific One Bank, Portland, OR
    • Senior Network Engineer
      • Daily LAN, WAN, Desktop Support and Server Support for a 50 branch bank.
      • Regular merger and acquisition work deploying hardware and software to new branches.  
  • 1991 - 1996            Bowes - contractor to Hewlett Packard
    • Site Manager and Owner
      • 40 full-time and 20 part-time contractors on site at HP
      • Desktop support, Helpdesk, Desktop Builds
      • Coordination of large cube move and new building projects


My interests are extremely diverse. HAM radio. Proficient with the RaspberryPi and maintain a GitHub project for an automated cat laser toy system. I fly Radio Controlled aircraft of all kinds, including automated flying drones with cameras on them. I am an avid photographer. I write articles for the internet on rocket technology. I am a closet Electrical Engineer, always building something. Last year I was in charge of communications and tracking for a project that sent another engineer up to 21,000ft in a lawn chair with balloons attached.




Master Level of Knowledge
Solaris 8 – 10
Oracle (Sun) SPARC Hardware
Solaris LDOM virtualization
Cisco ASA Firewalls
Cisco LAN (Switches, Routers, Planning)
ISC DHCP Server Software
ISC DNS Server Software
-Most flavors, most recently RedHat Enterprise & Debian)
Datacenter Planning & Maintenance
-Electrical, HVAC and Air distribution
Shell Scripting
E-Mail flow and tuning in large environments
-Sendmail environment


Other Areas of Expertise
NetApp Ontap 7 based filers
Amazon AWS
-E2C, VPC, RDS, S3 and Glacier
Avaya Definity Phone Systems
-Including Avaya CMS

Working Level of Knowledge
Solaris 11
Solaris Zones and Containers
Solaris SDN (Crossbow)
Windows Server 2008 R2
MS Lync 2013 Planning/Deployment
MS Exchange 2013 Planning/Deployment
MySQL / Postgres / Oracle DB’s
Java JBOSS / Tomcat
Apache / PHP
Symantec NetBackup
Turbo Encabulator design
Cisco UCS
Metaswitch VoIP Phone systems
HaiMachi networking


EMC Storage
Fusion IO
Pure Message E-Mail gateway
Ceryx Cloud Control